Unicorn Cupcake Candle

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Our Enchanted Unicorn Cupcake Candle is here. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! This Triple Scented Candle is infused with a powerful burst of fruit punch candy, a subtle middle note of cake and whip cream with a  bottom note of Graham Cracker.

    • 12oz 
    • Handmade
    • 100 % Soy Wax
    • up to 4+ hrs of burn time (without a container)
    • up to 12+ hrs (with a container)

    Please note Cupcake Candle melt-down like real icing and may become messy.

    *For best results, burn in a fire resistant jar, container or plate is recommended, like shown in pictures. Jar not included, PLEASE remove from packaging and cupcake paper before use. For left over wax after burning, you may place in tart melt warmer to get additional use from candle.