Our Story

The Candle Bakery was birthed in 2011 by Tiffany Greenlee and her husband, David Greenlee II. They were down to their last eight hundred dollars one tax season and wanted to start a business. A local indoor flea market was opening and was seeking vendors to purchase booth space. They decided they were going to sell something but weren't sure what they wanted to sell. Shortly after, Tiffany & David paid their deposit fee on a booth. Later, David told Tiffany, "You're going to learn how to make candles!" Being obsessed with candles, Tiffany wondered what they would name the business. After pondering for a day or so, Tiffany came up with "The Candle Bakery". Inspired by her love for pretty things and her huge sweet tooth. Immediately, they began sketching out a logo. Soon after testing fragrances, various wax, and wicks, production began. They then began to decorate their booth to resemble a vintage bakery. On opening day, they completely sold out and that's when they knew they had something special. 
After a few short months, the flea market closed. While completely heart broken at the sudden change, they immediately came up with a plan. A representative from a local mall in Memphis, TN reached out and offered a Kiosk space in a poplar mall. The mall became The Candle Bakery's new home, but, ultimately, they outgrew the kiosk and opened a store.
In 2015, David and Tiffany were tested in more ways than one. Their youngest son, who was diagnosed with Autism, was suffering with multiple school challenges. He became a victim of bullying and they began to have a long battle with the Special Education department within the school system. Due to these many challenges, they were unable to continue operating their store. Putting their family first, the two decided to close their doors and focus on adjusting to these new challenges. 
The next 4 years, consisted of Tiffany enrolling back into school to finish her RN degree and doing candles on the side. After being back in the nursing field, she felt she was missing a significant piece of her happiness. After many long conversations, restless nights, and uncertain moments, she realized her "HAPPY PLACE" was truly in The Candle Bakery!
Her and one of her dear family members had a long discussion about why The Candle Bakery closed and how she felt about it. The conversation eventually lead to this question: "How can we take you back to your HAPPY PLACE?" They all sat at the round table to strategize and decided to rebirth the brand!!! 
"So, here we are, sharing our Happy Place with all of you!